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Focus Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services

  • I have over 30 years experience of working with dogs.
  • I am a certified ProDog Trainer and a licensed Pet Dog Ambassador Instructor.
  • I walk all sizes of dogs from the toy breeds, through to large breeds and giant breeds. 
  • All ages of dogs from puppies to seniors.
  • Different personality traits; friendly and outgoing, boisterous, timid/nervous, aggressive/reactive are catered for.
  • I am a member of Narps UK. This organisation has a professional codes of conduct which your dog(s) should expect to receive from me when they are in my care.
  • I offer both companion walks and individual walks.  
  • The length of the walk i.e 30 minutes or 1 Hour does not include (and will never!) include transport time.
  • My guide to choosing a dog walker is found here.

 Prices are at the bottom of the page.

Companion/Group Walks

My group size is smaller than most other dog walkers, and is in line with RSPCA guidance. This allows me to focus on your dog and for your dog to get all the attention they need, so much more than they would in a large group setting. This small group walking ethos is much safer and allows me to really get to know your dog and have a real, lasting bond.

Dogs are matched to other dogs of a compatible temperament. Dogs suitable for these walks are those that are well socialised.  Dogs on this walks develop real friendships with each other, it's really lovely to see the excitement and the "hello's" when they see their friends. 

Individual Walks

These are comprised of one dog (or one household). Dogs suitable for these walks are those where they are happier in their own company. I do not charge any extra for individual walks.


Often people feel unable to own a puppies if they have commitments which take them away from their house for long periods of time. Focus Dog Walking can help you meet those commitments and still have happy, stimulated and well socialised pup. My visits/walks can be a playful session and at the same time help with toilet training. I can include your regular training sessions (using your cues/prompts) and help socialise your pup. I can also help increase exposure to certain situations to further promote socialisation. I will clean up/disinfect any little accidents in accordance with your instructions. As puppies grow and develop I can adjust the walk/visits to meet their needs whilst taking care of their joint health.

If you have more than one puppy you may wish for them to be walked separately occasionally or regularly. I can help with this also. You may wish to walk one pup while I walk the other, or I can walk both separately. 

Rescue Dogs

These dogs may be have been rehomed with known additional needs or needs that were not realised at the time of rehoming. They will need decompression time and lots of patient, "no pressure" understanding.  Don't rush out for walks with them, give them the time they need to feel safe.  I will happily visit/walk these dogs (when the time is right).  In time I can incorporate your regular training sessions on our walks.  

Ill, Convalescent and Senior Dogs 

For ill/convalescent/senior dogs you might wish me to visit your dog to comfort them, check they are okay and take them for a comfort break outside. Medication will be given if required.

Bedding which is soiled or wet will be taken care of in accordance with your instructions, disinfected and remade.

A call/text to the owner to confirm the condition/health of the dog is offered at no extra cost.

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One 30 Minute Walk

One dog


Two dogs


One hour Walk

One dog


Two dogs